Yo Designs

The Green Room & The Dressmakers Wardrobe


Yo Designs is the beloved brain child of Yolande Kjestrup, (the Yo in Yo Designs). It is a multi-faceted business of design and creativity brought to life in 'the green room' and 'the dressmakers wardrobe'.


the green room

the green room is a plant shop and garden design studio run on sustainable and environmentally responsible principles. If ‘small is beautiful’ then ‘tiny is exquisite’ as this micro-business premises, and range of products and services show. Plants can be bought on-line or in-store, or hired for that special occasion. Garden advice, consultation or design is available to fill any need.

the green room is set in a gorgeous organic garden that showcases garden design on a ‘tiny’ scale.

the dressmakers wardrobe

the dressmakers wardrobe is a workroom producing vintage inspired original clothing. Clothing can be bought on-line or from the workroom itself.